Check out Lippi's inventive new release... "Odd Apple Radio" is a modern version of a '70's concept album. It's elaborate sound design could be considered akin to WNYC's "Radio Lab" program. ”

— Relix Magazine

Brooklyn-based musician and producer Juano Lippi was born with some wizardry inside: Divinity meets the Devil. A former member of the jam band Karmic, Lippi does everything, from the writing to the vocals, all guitars, percussion, keyboards, and bass. His lineup (on the CD) includes Rik Mercaldi (lap steel, electric guitar, vocals), Ryan Cavan (drums), Bruce Macpherson (piano), and Noah Wheeler (bass). The title "All the Way Home," from Lippi's 2008 release In Many Rooms, shows a fast-handed and versatile new guy in town.” - Phil Ramone and Danielle Evin - Dog Ears Music Vol. 60

The Huffington Post

On: “Guitar Dementia” (Lippi Band Live) I couldn’t ignore J. Lippi’s heavily processed flights of frenzied and arty insanity – especially because “Guitar Dementia” is a live track. What got me was the fact that if you delete the Jeff Beck-ish stuff and the mutant Henry Kaiser-style ejaculations, his lines sound pretty much like 70’s southern rock. Is this a brilliant hybrid, or the workings of a busted brain?” - Michael Molenda - Editor

— Guitar Player Magazine

Juano Lippi is a tour de force. Virtuosity mixed with passion served neatly over cool blues. He confessed to being quite 'bi-polar' when it comes to music. This much was obvious as he played. His unique, percussive style of finger picking was at times greased lightning, other times sweet molasses. Topping it all was his downright beautiful vocals. Yes, I can describe a man's voice as beautiful, sue me!” - Stephen Bailey

As a producer, Lippi's boundless creativity and youthful enthusiasm for experimentation combined with the studio chops of a master craftsman, make for an inspiring atmosphere in which to create music. Whether we're working together on his music or collaborating on mine, his endless flow of ideas and ability to weave colorful aural tapestries is refreshing and always exciting. All in the service of the song. A great ear for melody and the technical ability (be it - guitar, voice or production) to execute practically any sonic invention he happens to stumble upon. And, incidentally, a lot of fun to work with.” - Rik Mercaldi

— Production Notes

Lippi is a truly inspired individual who enjoys the art of music and live performances. "Music is more than pop culture," Lippi explains. "It's a metaphorical language that enriches our senses and plays with our interesting parts. It can change the world because it can change the individual. It's the sum of many emotions.” - Steve Middendorp