Feels Like Friday

Juano Lippi Band

Edie Brickell meets Juano Lippi and his band of merry pranksters... Great players. Awesome vocals. A fun little tune!

"Feels Like Friday" - The Juano Lippi Band featuring Edie Brickell - Written by: Edie Brickell, J.C. Lippi, Mike Roze, Paul Blomstrom, Rik Mercaldi & Madhu Siddappa. Produced by: Juano Lippi

"Feels Like Friday" is a pretty little tune that packs an interesting punch for a song under three minutes long.

  • Edie Brickell/Vocals, J.C. Lippi/Guitars, Mike Roze/Keys, Paul Blomstrom/Bass, Rik Mercaldi/Lap Steel, & Madhu Siddappa/Drums

Also, check out these solo efforts: "In Many Rooms" by Juano Lippi and "Rik Mercaldi" by Rik Mercaldi

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