Odd Apple Radio

Juano Lippi

Odd Apple Radio is a modern version of a 70's era psychedelic concept-album by the likes of Frank Zappa, Pink Floyd, The Who, and Funkadelic. Its elaborate sound-design could be considered akin to WNYC's "Radio Lab" program. It's fun, funky and memorable.

RADIO EARTH - Juano Lippi: Acoustic Guitar & Radio Sound Collage - Paul Lesinski: Piano - Phil Melton: Drums

DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY - Juano Lippi: Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Synth, Lead & Backup Vocals - Paul Lesinski: Clav, Organ & Piano - Lubna Maher, Gabriel & Claire Rodriguez: Backup Vocals - Madhu Siddappa: Drums

ENTER A RIGHTEOUS HOBBY - Juano Lippi: Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Organ, Percussion, Radio Sound Collage, Synth - Paul Lesinski: Piano - Rik Mercaldi: Lap Steel - Madhu Siddappa: Drums & Percussion

THE PLAYGROUND - Juano Lippi: Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Strings, Synth, Lead & Backup Vocals, Wurly - Karisa Wilson: Lead Vocals - Paul Lesinski: Accordion, Organ & Piano - Madhu Siddappa: Drums

A WORLD OF LOVE - Juano Lippi: Bass, Ending Melody Guitar, Electric Guitar (left), Wah-Filter-Guitar-Noise, Organ, Synth - Paul Lesinski: Piano - Chance Hayden: Lead Guitar (center) & Electric Guitar (right) - Mike Roze: Cocktail Kit (intro) & Cymbal Swell (end of Piano Solo) - Madhu Siddappa: Drums

DEAD ROMANCE - Juano Lippi: Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Organ, Percussion & Drum Programming, Synth, Lead & Backup Vocals, Wurly - Sean Patrick Martin: Percussion - Phil Melton: Drums

RELAX. ENJOY - Juano Lippi: Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion, Synth, Lead & Backup Vocals, Wurly - Paul Lesinski: Clav & Organ - Phil Melton: Drums

THE AWKWARD SIDE OF SANITY - Juano Lippi: Bass, Drum Programming, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Field Recording (party-people in Brooklyn, NY), Synth, DJ & Caller Voices, Wurly

PSEUDO-INTELLECTUAL - Juano Lippi: Electric Guitar, Organ, Piano, Field Recordings (NYC subway, NYC parade, Lippi poem), Synth, Lead & Backup Vocals, Wurly - Charlie Hoats: Bass - Madhu Siddappa: Drums

EXIT THROUGH THE SNAP-SHOT - Juano Lippi: Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Wah-Filter-Guitar-Noise, Radio Sound Collage, Synth, Vocals - Paul Lesinski: Piano - Karisa Wilson: Vocals - Madhu Siddappa: Drums

TRYING TO LIVE - Juano Lippi: Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Organ, Piano, Strings, Synth, Ukulele, Vocals, Wurly - Mike Roze: Drums

DO YOU WANT TO PLAY - Juano Lippi: Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Percussion, Strings, Synth, Backup Vocals, Wurly - Karisa Wilson: Lead Vocals - Mike Roze: Brushes/Cocktail Kit - Madhu Siddappa: Drums & Percussion

WAKE & BAKE, FOLKS - Juano Lippi: Reverse Guitar, Synth, Field Recording (riding Metro-North's Harlem Line into NYC)

HOW DO YOU LOVE - Juano Lippi: Bass, Drums & Drum Programming, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Organ, Radio Sound Collage, Synth, Vocals, Wurly - John Howitt: Percussion - Paul Lesinski: Piano (during the intro)

Music and Lyrics by John Charles Lippi, a.k.a. "Juano". Recorded, Mixed & Produced by John Charles Lippi at his home studios in Brooklyn, NY, Portland, OR and Los Angeles, CA. Drums recorded by Patrick McCarthy & John Charles Lippi at Seaside Lounge Recording Studios in Brooklyn, NY. Additional recording sessions (under the direction of John Charles Lippi) include: Drums for "Dead Romance" recorded by Nick Holman & Phil Melton in Seattle, Washington - Drums for "Trying To Live" recorded by Kevin Lacatena & Mike Roze at Homebrew Studio in Sparta, NJ - Bass guitar for "Pseudo-Intellectual" recorded by Michael Crittenden & Charlie Hoats at Mackinaw Harvest Studios in Grand Rapids, MI - Accordion, Organ, Piano & Clav (played by Paul Lesinski on various selections) recorded by Paul Lesinski in Grand Rapids, MI. Sound Design by John Charles Lippi. Mastered by Tom Scheponik at The SoundLAB at Disc Makers.

CD Design by Martin Hogan - Artwork: "Morning, Noon and Night" painting by Charles Micklosky - "Lippi: Tangled up in Cement" photograph by Jean-Marx Santel - "Vintage Juano" drawing by Cary Jensen-Madison.

Much Love & Appreciation To: The Lippi Family & friends, and all of the amazing musicians on this recording, and in my life… You make me a better player, writer and person. This record is dedicated to my nephews… Keep your imagination in overdrive.

A Very Special Thanks To: Edie Brickell, Cheryl Panek, Matthew Modine, Cristina & Adam Rackoff, Martin Hogan, Jeff Okkonen, David Koltai & Pigtronix, Ryan Lynn & East Side Guitar Repair in Portland-Oregon, Big Sky Editorial in NYC, Tuning Fork in Studio City-California, Peter Becker, Paul Blomstrom, Frank Clum & Ellen Margolis, Jean-Marx Santel, Steve Pisani, Kiko Jones, Walter Atkinson, Michael McFarland, Shawn Wickens, John K. Erskine, Vinay Siddappa, John Daily, Chris Coleman, Revek, T Andrew Nikodem, Eric Muiderman, Glenn House & Pamela Sitka, Manjari Sharma, Ramon Guerrero, Julio C Guerrero, Bradford Davis, Justin Klynsma, Kevin Kahn, Jennifer Fratello, Wayne Barlow & Sandra Bruening.

© 2014 John Charles Lippi ℗ 2014 John Charles Lippi - BMI - Family Heirloom - All rights reserved - Unauthorized Duplication is a violation of applicable laws - Made in the U.S.A.

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